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Oak House Distillery's Old Tom Gin is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention, this gin pays homage to the classic Old Tom style, boasting a refined botanical profile. Expect a symphony of herbal, floral, and smokey elements, all gracefully aged in bourbon barrels to impart a rich complexity. The result is a spirit that marries the past with the present—a smooth, sophisticated gin with a touch of nostalgia. Oak House Distillery invites enthusiasts to savor the culmination of their expertise, offering a limited release that embodies the timeless allure of Old Tom Gin. Sign up to reserve a spot now, reservations are limited based on availability. All bottles must be picked up no later than May 4th. Old Tom Gin is available for purchase at $44.95 + tax starting Friday, March 15th!

Robert's Barrel Rested Old Tom Gin

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