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Distilling and Proofing Class

Delve into the science of distillation through a comprehensive lecture by the founder and Master Distiller, Dr. Rob Woods, unraveling the secrets behind crafting exceptional spirits. Immerse yourself in the heart of distillery operations as you monitor the entire process—from the heated beginnings of the still to the collection of the exquisite distillate. Learn the delicate art of proofing, mastering the balance of alcohol content to achieve perfection in every drop. Cap off your journey by bottling, labeling, and sealing your creation. Gain practical skills in presentation as you carefully bottle your crafted spirit, add a personal touch with labeling, and master the fine art of sealing. In just one class, you'll not only grasp the essence of distillation but also hold in your hands a testament to your newfound expertise—a bottle of uniquely crafted gin ready to be shared and savored. Cheers to the artistry of distillation!

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