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Robert's No. 1 American Dry Gin

Robert's No. 1 American Dry Gin

Our lead product, Robert’s No. 1 American Dry Gin, is an award-winning spirit crafted from an amalgamation of locally grown and exotic herbal and floral botanicals, including lavender, lemongrass, juniper, and grains of paradise. It presents a contemporary blend of floral notes with a hint of complex botanicals from southeast Asia, and is equally at home in a martini or in classic cocktails. Declared "Best Georgia Gin" by Georgia Grown and proud winner of an American Distilling Institute Gold Medal.

Robert's Barrel-Rested Old Tom

Oak House Distillery's Old Tom Gin is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention, this gin pays homage to the classic Old Tom style, boasting a refined botanical profile. Expect a symphony of herbal, floral, and smokey elements, all gracefully aged in bourbon barrels to impart a rich complexity. The result is a spirit that marries the past with the present—a smooth, sophisticated gin with a touch of nostalgia. Oak House Distillery invites enthusiasts to savor the culmination of their expertise, offering a limited release that embodies the timeless allure of Old Tom Gin. 

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Oak House Gold Rum

Our single barrel Jamaican style rums are created from fermented molasses and cane juice expertly distilled and crafted to perfection. Each barrel imparts a subtle variation to the rich caramel noted consistently offering a soft welcoming warmth to ruthless pirates and landlubbers alike.

Oak House Silver Rum

This is an rich ester-forward Jamaican-style silver rum, reminiscent of rums from the time of the dread pirate Bartholomew Robert's (Black Bart), whose flag was chosen as our rum logo.


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